My name is George and I love to write about and discuss lots of forms of entertainment. Whether that’s movies, TV shows, video games or music. My hope for this site is that it will provide you with all the latest news from the entertainment world and inform you of my opinion in regards to the latest releases of entertainment through impressions and reviews.

I feel as though on an ‘About’ page you expect to read something about me rather than the content I am putting out. I hate writing about myself but here we go. As soon as my young brain could comprehend what those colours and sound coming out from that screen were I have been obsessed with entertainment. I read a lot of books when I was younger, a hell of a lot more than now that I believe started my fascination with fantasy and ¬†great stories. The first series I was ever first truly obsessed with was Harry Potter. I saw ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ seven times in the cinema. No joke! And every year that the next film came out I would go see it the first night it released publicly. Luckily my family also enjoyed it enough to put up with me talking about it non stop. The rest as they say is history. Seven horcruxes, lightsabers, two hunger games later and here we are. “Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined and blood shed. Epic.” Bonus points if you know that last reference. Anyway enough about me. I want to tell you about Entertainment Fanatic.

When it comes to news I believe in being direct as possible. I have always hated that news articles are much longer and saturated than I believe they should be. Time is valuable and I do not want to waste a second of yours with padding. However, when I am reviewing something and giving you my opinion, then of course that will and should be much longer as I will be going in depth to the material, analysing it and providing evidence as to why I like or dislike something.

I want to make you a promise. A promise that I believe will be the reason people return. Entertainment Fanatic is a website that will not only inform you in the most direct way possible but it will entertain you too, and I believe no other entertainment website does this. I have written for a few websites and have always had in the back of my mind the thought of running my own website, but I always thought what can I provide that no one else is? The answer. A writer that not only understands you but is you. An entertainment fanatic that is passionate and has the thirst to not just inform you but deliver with content that I myself would want to read, and the belief that there are others in a galaxy far, far away that might want to take some time out of their day, and make the choice to try a different news/reviews website and read something more personal than corporate.



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