Batman vs Superman Review: A clash of heroes isn’t always exciting

‘Batman vs Superman’ takes place at the end of ‘Man of Steel’, with Bruce Wayne witnessing the deaths of his employees and the destruction left following the fight between Superman and Zod. Bruce Wayne decides he is too dangerous to be left alone due to the unquestionable power he possesses. Clark Kent also ironically believes Batman is a reckless and violent vigilante. 

The first half of the film is an absolute mess, I felt so disconnected from the plot and the film itself, I really didn’t care about any of the characters or find the plot engaging. While the second half still retains all these issues I at least enjoyed the final action scenes. I do have to say though when Batman and Superman finally knock heads I was supremely disappointed. The action was very slow, predictable and just really not exciting. They hardly speak through it excluding the end, it just makes no sense when Superman could say one thing and easily end the fight and that is not even the worst part. The worst part is the actual reason they stop. I’m not going to spoil it but trust me, it’s really dumb.

Ben Affleck is by far the best thing about ‘Batman vs Superman’ and I was really happy he proved his critics wrong. Henry Cavill’s performance is fine playing the stoic Clark Kent. My favourite scene of Clark’s is an early one of him with Lois Lane played by Amy Adams who is actually really great in this. I was quite struck by how human and heartfelt her performance was, and it’s a real shame that the writing has her as a damsel in distress when she is so much more independent and stronger that that. Maybe I’m one of the few but I really like Jesse Eisenberg’s acting so I was very disappointed with his performance which I think had a great deal to do with the direction he was given. Jesse Eisenberg played Lex Luthor very erratic and insane. This didn’t feel like it fit and really started to annoy and frustrate me. The best Luthor I have ever seen was in ‘Smallville’. Michael Rosenbaum played Luthor so well balancing the wealthy charisma side, with the feeling that he could snap and kill someone in a second if they pushed him hard enough. The Luthor we got here just really didn’t deliver on that or a solid enough alternate version. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman doesn’t really provide more than being eye candy in and out of action which is a shame. Jeremy Irons has one or two scenes that point to something deeper between Alfred and Bruce but mainly serves as his tech sidekick which is a waste of Jeremy Irons talent.

The cinematography in ‘Batman vs Superman’ is great. There are some great shots of Bruce Wayne in his house and Batcave along with some gorgeous cinematography of Gotham and Metropolis. While as I said before I felt there was a misstep in directing in regards to Jesse Eisenberg, everybody else was fine. ‘Batman vs Superman’ is yet another offender of the soundtrack over exaggerating itself which causes major distraction. 

‘Batman vs Superman’ is so intent on setting up the future multi-verse films that it loses sight of being a tight and entertaining movie. This is a real disappointment when at the very least ‘Batman vs Superman’ could have been a really solid superhero movie. Lots of critics have said it failed because it was too dark. That is not why it failed, it failed because it is uninteresting and too concerned about future projects. What a shame considering the huge potential it had.



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