Captain America: Civil War Review: A flawed but still entertaining entry in the series

The long awaited ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is finally here in full force with all your favourite heroes along with a couple surprises. 

While trying to capture a criminal Captain America and his team cause an unexpected tragedy. The government decide they can no longer allow ‘The Avengers’ to operate as a private militarised service. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is on board while Steve Rogers (Captain America) is worried about the restrictions it puts on them. 

This aspect of the plot was thrilling with a couple great scenes of the team discussing their opinions for and against. The issue is that there isn’t enough of this and the plot gets bogged down with alternate branching storylines. They tried to fit in too much and didn’t focus on the most interesting aspects, which are although they have good intentions to help people, what about the damage they leave behind and the fact that people actually die. Whereas in previous films deaths of civilians are usually glossed over, ‘Civil War’ really wants you to feel the gravity of the consequences in the first act of the film. Unfortunately all of this is forgotten in the second act and a new antagonist is introduced that ultimately ends up being a pointless distraction. Everything this antagonist is supposed to bring out of ‘The Avengers’ they could have discovered on their own. There are also noticeable plot holes that are never explained that make it hard to go with the action at times. 

Now let me tell you what I loved about ‘Captain America: Civil War’. While this film has by far the darkest tone in the series which I really liked, it still has plenty of humour that I completely laughed out loud at. The fight scenes are incredible. I saw the best superhero showdown I have ever seen, it was epic, hilarious and surprisingly really clever the way they used their suits and abilities to counteract each other.

The acting due to the tone and plot is quite different than what we are used to which I much appreciated. A few of the characters are dealing with some deep emotional circumstances so it is very refreshing to see them pushing themselves and portraying their characters in a different light. 

The cinematography was top notch. I never felt like the camera was moving too much so I couldn’t tell what was going on which is rare. The directing is very solid and the Russo brothers show their expertise and experience.

The soundtrack for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is one of the best of the year with exciting music for the action along with some really touching tracks during the intimate moments between characters. 

Overall I had a really fun time with ‘Captain America: Civil War’ but when all is said and done the film has an identity crisis and throws in too much sub-plot. Does it want to be a fun popcorn flick? Or does it want to be a political thriller? While the series usually balances serious and comedic scenes really well, due to the much darker tone the contrast is more striking and noticeable. When the internal conflict between ‘The Avengers’ is the most engaging thing, why distract me with a sub-par antagonist that just doesn’t fit? As I said before though the action and humour is great, there is plenty of it and these issues are overshadowed by the fun the series is known for.


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